Alexa v Google Assist

Alexa v Google Assist

Amazons Alexa V Googles Assist are the Best known smart home hubs and speakers for 2022. Call them what you want but they have both become the stalwart to any smart home and with there ability to link to many other pieces of tech around the house becoming the must have.

If anything was to describe the smart home hub, I think it would be the Ai family member the Someone that doesn’t eat but does all those little chores you hate or forget. For example, “hey Alexa add that to my shopping list” never forget what is running out by simply asking the Ai to remember it for you and at the end of the week add to your online shopping delivery company its as simple as that. Adding that the digital radio or with the updated versions a TV playing all your hits and your favourite shows while you cook or clean. With the house becoming linked like never choosing the best smart hub for your needs is essential and with not a lot to differ between Googles Assist with its mini and Hubs or Amazons Alexa powered dot and show the names may differ but, in the end, they are the same Ai technology.

What do they offer in the way devices to connect with?

Amazons Alexa has a lot to offer from security tech such as Ring and the new Blink smart home security bundles to the TV, fridges and even the simple lightbulb doesn’t fail to get the smart home makeover all connected. Google’s Assist or Amazon’s Alexa is as similarly kitted out with the impressive smart home equipment from Nest linking your heating to a myriad of Smart home security equipment to the similar lightbulbs and kitchen appliances. Both types use the Zigbee or the Z-wave radio frequencies with one downfall a Zigbee device will not connect with Z-wave and visa versa. With most of the connectivity devices being able to connect to either don’t expect to be limited in devices.

What about the designs?

What about Amazon with its echo dot again round and coming in at 99mm in width and 43mm in height with three colours we should find one to match. The 4thGen Echo Dot again with three available colours and much bigger in design the oval shape with a built-in clock display. At 100m wide and 99mm in height twice the size of the 1st and 2nd Gen dots. And Amazons Show this has been around for a while and into its 9th generation with Screens sizes from 5 to 8 inches and with different sizes. The majority are around 180mm in length, 180mm in height and 90mm in depth and with styles and several colours to suit any home available. Why not check out our Smart Home Security Alarms reviews and secure your home all at the control of a voice through Alexa or google assist.

Alexa's Echo Dots and Show..

Alexa v Google Assist

Echo dot

The most popular Echo Dot speaker for music, news and information and to manage other devices with voice control. 

Specifications: Size 43 x 99 round with duel band Wifi and Bluetooth connectivity supporting both IOS and Android.  Voice controlled with power adaptor just say ” Alexa” 

Alexa v Google

The next gen Echo Dot with clock linking to even more devices such as Phillips hue lightbulbs.

Specifications: size 100 x 89mm with duel wifi and Bluetooth connectivity supporting both IOS and android with connection to enteral audio speakers possible and a built in stereo speaker. just say “Alexa” to plug and play. Socket outlet required. 

Alexa v Google Assist

Echo Show gen 8

The visual spectacular Echo show with a 5″ to 8″ screens across different generations watch and listen to your favourite shows and video call family and friends. 

Specifications: Size 200 x 135 x 99mm with Duel band Wifi and Bluetooth allowing IOS and Android connectivity. Bosting a 8″ touchscreen and 13MP camera simply say “Alexa” Socket outlet is required for power and then connect to Video Doorbells and Outdoor Home Security Cameras 

What about google what do the offer ?

Starting with googles nest mini small and round 42mm in height and 98mm in diameter and with 4 colours to choose from the design should match any home. Googles Nest Audio slight larger in size with better speakers for those music lovers out there, with a squarer shape its 78mm in depth, 124mm in width and 175mm in height and again with googles 4 colour pallet you should find a colour to match the cushions. With the Google assist hub the touchscreen display and camera are bigger being 250mm wide, 182 in height and 101 in depth and with only two colours to choose from easy to find one that will match your house.

Google Assist Mini and Hubs..

Alexa v Google

Nest mini

Base speaker with personalised voice match and with apps you can control your smart home devices all from the palm of your hand with the Google nest App. 

Specifications: Size 42 x 98mm round supporting duel band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth with Android and IOS connectivity. Also including a 360 degree speaker and voice controlled just say “google” a socket outlet is required

Alexa v Google

Nest Speaker

Great sound from a smart speaker with all the smart home integration control all you smart tech from on place. 

Specifications: size 185mm x 78mm smart speaker with duel band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity supporting both IOS and Android connectivity. Built in woofer for crystal clear sound just Say “hey google” 

Alexa v Google Assist

Nest hub Gen 2

Smart home hub with a 7″ colour screen capable of showing your favourite tv and video calls with all the voice commands to control your smart tech around the house. 

Specifications: size 120mm X 177mm with a 72 touchscreen with Duel wifi and Bluetooth connectivity supporting both Android and IOS . With a 17Mp camera talk to other watch Tv and run your smart home with voice control “hey google” connect to Video doorbells or Outdoor Security Cameras.

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How do I connect these.?

Both are fully connectible via your existing Wi-Fi and offer Bluetooth connection via your smart phone/tablet with both offering in house apps available from your favourite app store connection is easy with full instructions available in each box and full online assistance if something goes wrong Connecting other devices such as Video Doorbells  or Outdoor Security Cams is just as easy this is all done via the smart apps on your smart phone.

What can I connect too.?

I think the question should be what cant I connect too both Google and Amazon offering their own music channels via the speakers and with the likes of Spotify you can have access at the request of a voice access to millions of songs. With the ability to design your own play lists just ask for your favourite music or ask them to turn down the heating or put the lights on while out all from the touch of a button or if indoor via voice control. With this technology still early in its life we can only see more and more integration with these hubs becoming more and more central to our lives.

Some simple placement tips..

Both Alexa and Googles hubs having a range of around 300ft allowing you to place equipment you want to link to be across a wide area. Connecting multiple devices from outdoor cams makes it easy when you want to maybe secure a garage or outbuildings

Alexa v Google Assist

Ownership levels

A quick look at who owns and is buying the Smart hubs. The young have obviously embraced and are embracing the hubs as we would expect but with these hubs also offering great assistance to the elderly we would hope for a great uptake in the near future. 

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This post contains affiliate links. If you use these links to buy something we may earn a commission. Thank You.”

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