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EUFY with its moto “smart home simplified ” and with its technology and products on the market since 2011 .

The EUFY family of smart home security kit includes wired and wireless Video Doorbells with the wired requiring either existing doorbell wiring or being plugged in to the mains. Wireless video doorbells are battery operated and with up to 180hrs battery life long lasting between charges and charging is simple USB charger which all comes with the pack. Security cams work in similar way to the Video Doorbell .Wired and Wireless with the wired coming with a 150ft wire tom plug in and the wireless batterie operated lasting up to 180hr off use between charges. Again you simply chare with a USV charger if you choose the wireless option.

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EUFY Video Doorbells

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From wired Video Doorbells to wireless all self install so no costly engineers. The wired version will require existing doorbell wiring however with the wireless doorbells benefiting from up to 180hrs between charging. They come with free 16gb of video storage , customized detection so exclude the busy road or sidewalks and with 2K resolution with no blurry Picture’s. With live response answer from anywhere and with google Assistant and Alexa connectivity voice operated. Worried about pets no need as it comes with enhanced human detection
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Size: 5.5in x 2.1in x 1.1in

Power: 180 day Battery between charging or existing doorbell wiring 

Works With: Alexa and Google assist

Self install: Yes

Hub: Required to save up to 16GB not required for live view or two way talk

EUFY Outdoor Security Cams

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The outdoor camera from Eufy. The family of cams with No subscription charges. Simple self install wireless cameras with a rotatable mounting for easy install.  With detailed night vision so you wont miss what’s happening and with two way talk up to 8 meters away chat and view in real time . Connect to Alexa or Googles Assist for voice activation and the two way talk so no hands to control. Charging is via a micro USB cable simple take down recharge and put back up however with its 180day between charges don’t expect to do that often. Cameras differ from 2K to 1080p depending on the model and all come with 2 moths worth of storage with and 8GB card or link to a base station and extend that. The base station you can store up to 16gb or 3 months worth of recordings with instant access via the mobile app or from a PC giving you the control of what to keep and what to delete.


Size: 8.12 x 4.79 x 5.69 cm

Power: 180 day Battery between charging 

Works With: Alexa and Google assist

Self install: Yes

Hub: Included with 16GB of recording storage or 3 months with bundles including 1, 2 or 3 camera’s availible 


Its very unlikely your eufy cameras would ever be hacked as they are programmed with military grade chips . Only users with a valid log in can view live streaming and have access to the recordings so keep your passwords safe. They use a RF and 2.4gh Wi-Fi radio to talk with your hubs for broadband and with other base stations. Connection is as simple as pushing a button and downloading an app to a smart phone this app is available through android and iPhone in which the app is free. Once connected you can live stream your device’s of choice and talk with who maybe at the door . The smart doorbell has quickly found a niche especially for those who may have mobility issues. With quick answers and updates to your smart phones. 

EUFY Floodlight Security Cams..

The floodlight Outdoor Camera. A normal 200 lumen super bright floodlight with the enhanced 2k or 1080p depending on the model video. As these have a floodlight they will require to be plugged into the mains for power. With instant alerts and a powerful siren to back up the floodlights this should deter any intruder. With smart Ai to distinguish between animals or human don’t expect unnecessary activation. No hidden costs as local storage of an 8mb built in card and link to any base station to enhance the recording time. like all EUFY security products link to any Google assist or Alexa hubs for that hands free experience. Check Our tips to installing an outdoor camera
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Size: 31 x 20 x 18 cm

Power: Wired only 

Works With: Alexa and Google assist

Self install: Yes or Engineer

Hub: required to allow 16gb of recordings but not essential for live and two way talk

EUFY Smart Alarms

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The Eufy 5 piece Self install Smart Home Alarms. The bundle comes with all you need to secure your property with a Home Base , keypad a motion sensor and 2 entry sensors for the windows. You will receive instant alerts to any breaches via the security app however if you have pets the censors can determine between a human and an animal with the smart AI. With the ability to add additional sensors to the bundle securing any size of property is easy
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Bundle sizes available:

5 Piece Home Alarm bundle with Keypad, Motion Sensor,2 entry sensors with ability to add additional sensors to the bundle all wireless and controlled via the smart phone app and controlled from anywhere or via the hub such Alexa or Goggle assist

Smart Home Security from Eufy Addons:

Lumi Stick-On Night Light

eufy Security IndoorCam

Indoor Motion Sensor

Entry Sensor for windows

What About monthly fees..

Like other Security cam company’s Eufy employs a monthly fee for professional monitoring and additional storage of recording. This is the choice of the customer as each product has recording time in the way of storage cards . The Video doorbells use and 8Ggb card as do the outdoor cams. This can be increased to 16gb with the purchase of a hum station.  check our Hive Smart Home reviews

Some installation ideas..

Getting the best from your EUFY home security is all about the plan to install. as these are self install we show a simple placement diagram for a smart home alarm kit. Coverage of the entry points into the home ensuring you keep all the points of entry.
house 1

Placing outdoor security Cams

Make sure the placement covers that area you want to cover but not so far that every car that passes or pedestrian sets the Cams or doorbells of alerting you unnecessarily. The distance the sensor covers can be changed allowing max or minimum range being set so your not endlessly being alerted.  Check out our tips to place your outdoor camera’s
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