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We take a look at the Hive Smart Home products to enhance, secure and bring your home into the year 2022. Hive offers a family of self install product from Heating smart sockets allowing you to control your home through your voice with Amazon’s Alexa or Google assist connectivity and via the simple to use app on you smart phone or tablet giving you piece of mind. The Hive family of products consist of thermostats and radiator valves which are for gas and allow you to control you heating and temperature saving you money. if you have all electric heating don’t worry as you can use the smart plugs in instead this give you the confidence to that you have your heating set and not on if your out all from the Smart phone app or if your in Alexa or assist.

Hive Heating..

Hive home heating is a semi automatic heating system that can control your homes heating robotically. Simply by voice through Amazon’s Alexa or Google assist or through the Hive app which can be downloaded for free.
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The Hive App is available on any smart phone .

We see the hive thermostat with different settings to autonomously set you hive kit from heating schedules allowing you programme the temperature of your home throughout the day with no other input saving money. From the app you can keep an eye on your temperature through graphs and data putting you in control of the heating and power used again saving money in the long term and hopefully getting your bills cheaper and with the added radiator valves controlling the heat from room to room all from your voice or the app. 

How about when you go on holiday use pre programme and tell your hive thermostat when your away and don’t worry if you have left the heating on as you wont have. One more bonus if you live in a cooler climate and frost is a problem the thermostat has a built automatic frost protection setting and if your temperature drops below a chilly -7 it will heat the house to prevent pipes freezing. 

Specifications :

Size : 20.5 x 12.9 x 12.4 cm

Power : Battery

Works With : Alex and Google assist and mobile app

Self install : Yes or Engineer

Hub : Included 

Quick tip : placement is best in line of sight of the wifi but not essential as you may find connectivity to the app a slight issue.

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Hive HomeShield..

HomeShield from hive a basic starter home security kit including a hub , external alarm and several internal sensors for doors and windows. all working through Amazon’s Alexa or Google assist or the app. Great customisation options which sets it apart from home and away sleep modes so only the right part of your home is protected also guest access may be a babysitter or a tradesman they can have temporary access with a unique pin. Smart alerts direct to your smart phone and with access to the police directly through that app so if your alerted you can instantly alert the authorities . With you HomeShiled working with voice control allowing you to alarm and disarm with the your voice and the app and depending on the size of your home adding additional sensors. check our reviews of Smart home alarms

Specifications :

Size : 15 x 62 x 62 cm

Power : Mains (hub only)

Works With : Alex and Google assist and mobile app

Self install : Yes or Engineer

Included : HomeShield starter guide • Hive Hub • Hive Siren • Hive Keypad • 2x Hive Window/Door Sensors • Hive Motion Sensor

Quick tip : Placing of the hub to allow you to enter the your pin number to disarm quickly is essential or you will receive unnecessary alerts normally near the main entry point is best.

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Hive Lighting..

Hive controlled light bulbs. The bulbs are voice controlled from Amazon’s Alexa or Google assist or the app however you will need the hive hub Nano to activate the smart portion . Controlling the light is easy from the app with customisation options from time delays to access. If your late home the lights can be automatically switched on prior to your arrival or just as a deterrent. The smart Led light bulb its self is a power saving 9 watts or 806 lumens and should last for up 25000hrs of use. Check our reviews of smart lightbulbs

Specifications :

Size : 6 x 6 x 12 cm

Works With : Alex and Google assist and mobile app

Self install : Yes 

Included : needs the hive hub nano to work (sold separately)

Hive Smart Plugs..

Simple to install wall plug from Hive .Plug in and use and connect via thee hive hub nano. Connect your device by plugging it into the hive socket. Amazon’s Alexa or Google assist to turn on and off the piece of equipment or the hive app. Timer settings can activate and deactivate a Tv for example or side table lights again keeping your bills cheaper by not using unnecessary electricity.

Piece of mind by switching of electrical item’s if out of the house if you think you have left them on. With Hive you can set a schedule for your smart plugs up to 6 times a day if its your heating staggering the time its on saving money as it wont be on to long or even set to switch on prior to you returning home from work and before you wake up so you always have nice warm home without worry means your always in control.

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Specifications :

Size : 5.8 x 5.8 x 10cm 

Works With : Alex and Google assist and mobile app

Self install : Yes 

Included : needs the hive hub to work (sold separately) and WiFi of up to 1.5mbs and not for outdoor usage 

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