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How to place a video doorbell

Tips to Placing your Video Doorbell helping you get the most benafit if just for security or more of a social use.

You have decided to invest in a video doorbell but how to place a video doorbell to get the best from the video and how do you cover the area that you want to view. As it’s a video doorbell positioning is important for example Ring video doorbells will recommend you place your at least at a height of 48”.  

So, we want to look at: 

  • ANGLE 
  • Power (if needed) 


Ring Video Doorbell will look at an installation height of 48” or 4 feet but we know everyone has a different type of door and drive or area to be covered so setting slightly higher and with some models such as the Eufy dual camera Doorbell. You can cover a bigger distance and still maintain a view of the door step area as the dual camera covers two areas the offering good area.

How to place a video doorbell and Setting the Doorbell to high could end up with roads and cars triggering the Doorbell or a pedestrian sidewalk causing the same which just won’t become annoying over time with each notification but will drain the battery very quickly. Also take time within the settings off your video doorbell to set it correctly and set motion zones to save unnecessary alerts as each video doorbell will have the ability to set certain areas and distance to effectively use the product.



Correct as you are detecting motion on you property maybe a visitor or  a delivery.

video doorbell

wrong as your detecting passing vehicles or even pedestrians leading to unnecessary alerts.

With many models coming with additional angel mounting brackets to allow  setting off the angel of the Video Doorbell. You may have a small porch or doorway such as a flat and you only need to angle and cover a much smaller area these angle mounting brackets help with this they also help with larger drives and covering a more targeted area.


Maybe your door is inset and have a narrower approach using the angle to cover the door would advantageous as you don’t want to be left with any blind spot. You may also want to use a peep hole camera such as the Ring peephole camera the give you the same benefits as a Video doorbell but the camera fits through and existing peephole in the door.

To use the Ring Corner and Wedge Kits:

  1. Position the angle mount where you would like your doorbell to go and check the level with the provided level tool.
  2. Using a drill bit or screwdriver, screw the shorter two screws into the mount’s top and bottom holes. 
  3. For installation on a brick, concrete,  use the provided anchors in the screw holes. you don’t need the anchors for installing an angle mount on wood.
  4. You can increase the doorbell’s angle by removing the screws, placing an additional mount over the first one, and screwing the mounts into place using the longer screws.
  5. Attach your doorbell to the angle mount(s). If you want to use both a corner mount and a wedge mount, install the corner mount, then the wedge mount, and then the doorbell. 
Check for.. 
  1. The Wedge Kit
  2. The Corner kit 


The majority of Video doorbells are either battery operated or will use the original existing doorbell wiring if you have this. Lets start with the battery powered. As its means these are USB chargeable batteries with anywhere from 35 to 150 days between charging depending on the model check our video doorbells reviews page for charging times on different models as for power if your not using your homes existing doorbell power the placement will need to be with in 5m or 16ft as this is the generic length of power adapters.

  1. 5 Meter or 16ft charge pack  
  2. Additional Battery pack for Ring doorbells

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This post contains affiliate links . If you use these links to buy something we may earn a commission. Thank You.”

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