Tips to placing your outdoor security camera

Tips to placing your Outdoor Security Camera

Find out how with Tips to placing your outdoor security camera to get the most out off it.

Never hide the camera

Placement is important sometimes the camera itself can be the deterrent and making sure it appears in a prominent position can be that level of protection in its own right also place above 8-10ft this keeps it out of reach and the final tip make sure its not a camera the same colour as your home . With many of us now back in the office and deliveries still coming they have become a great tool as has the Video Doorbells for securing deliveries when at work or out. Ring Outdoor security cameras currently offer and anti-theft policy with their purchases so that extra level of peace of mind.

Positioning to view more

The cameras are great for covering and the viewing of larger areas compared to the. with these tips to placing your outdoor security camera helping and making sure you get the right place to install and as I prefer the battery over mains power this can be up to with some models 300m from the WiFi or the manufactures hub.  Keeping an eye on just the front door maybe great but fitting it in such away to cover the door and the approaching pathways would be for more beneficial.

The Motion Detectors

Using the motion detection to protect is a must. You maybe wanting to cover the front Poarch and the camera encroaches on the road of path/sidewalk within the motion settings you can normally change certain parameters to remove vehicles or fix the area you want to cover. This will stop unnecessary notifications cluttering up your smart phone or tablet. Some manufactures may charge for access to cloud space where recordings maybe held and for any 24/7 monitoring of your security device but notifications and access to live feeds is generally free and some manufacturers hold any recordings via PC card or offer a hub where recordings can be held. Why not integrate with a Smart Home Security pack

Password and hacking

Always be aware of hackers. Like all Wi-Fi controlled technology they are the prey of hackers and some simple tips to keeping them out. A strong and secure password is imperative and with Wi-Fi all ways use something different between Wi-Fi controlled products as if one is broken then they all will be. Again, keeping it 8-10 ft of the ground, this can prevent tamper or even the savvy thief spraying the lens.


You will find that all the outdoor cameras will be regulated to the IP56 standard which means they are water proof up to a standard of being washed with a jet wash however we would not recommend testing this. With these being placed outdoor and open to the element’s placement be it rain heat or snow keeping it covered maybe with manufactures cover or under a Poarch or awning is sensible. What people tend to not think about is wind, if the camera is placed in very windy place, you can have movement which can effect the picture quality and with some cameras mounted on a magnetic fitting damage the camera by blowing it of or breaking the mount.

Great layout to cover your home

Tips to placing your outdoor security camera

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This post contains affiliate links . If you use these links to buy something we may earn a commission. Thank You.”

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