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We look at the Best outdoor security cameras for 2022 which are simple self install meaning no costly electrician and or fitting. As we look and review are all wireless and work via your homes WiFi how easy can it be to keep your home secure and with so many of us now returning to work its a great time to invest in that little piece of mind.


More and more of us securing our homes we overlook securing the ground around our homes which has become a bit forgotten and with 60% of home burglaries the intruder has entered from the back garden via a fence or gate. Making sure this access is point is covered with a camera that is motion triggered and floodlight can be just the deterrent that’s needed and with added two way talk can be that added threat needed to see off the baddie

Covering the area that’s easiest accessed sometimes this is all you need. Before buying or installing the best Outdoor security camera always check the area you want to cover and checking the Wifi strength is essential.

What do you need before you buy ...

You need broadband with WIFI capabilities with a minimum of 10mbps with an additional 2.5mbps to access High definition video (check Broadband supplier). The Wifi connection is also used to hook up and to access the video via your smart phone and tablet as some manufactures use a cloud based storage.

Are outdoor Cameras weather proof..

First of all make sure you buy the outdoor model firstly as the name will suggest outdoor cameras will be fully waterproof but I would suggest fitting somewhere which is clear of high winds as these can distort the picture and sound quality. Also as some models have magnetic fittings they could be blown down and damaged but the majority of the models (some may differ) will guarantee water proof with what is called a IP56 certification which it means simply put it should be protected from a high pressure water jet in any direction.

The best Outdoor Security camera's for 2022

1. Eufy Security outdoor Cam

Eufy offers the picture perfect outdoor security Cam with crystal clear 1080p HD footage visit EUFY Store for all there security products. Detailed night vison with a record of live view available and with a clear view of who is there even at night. with floodlight triggered by motion and two way talk aswell the all round waterproof security cam.

Specifications :

Video Resolution: 1080p HD with two talk 

Field of view: 130 degrees with night vison and movement tracking

Works with: Alexa, Google Nest

Wired/Battery: No / Yes

Size:  6.6 x 5.8 x 6.6 inches 

Additional fees: No fees 8gb storage cards if yo add a base station you can add another 16gb of storage which you be enough to store a years worth of recordings.

The Eyfy outdoor security all in one cam with HD resolution and a spotlight with colour and night vison with added motion tracking once activated. Comes with a magnetic mount making installation easy as well as removing for charging or cleaning adding to its 3 month running on single charge its a good all round security camera . The ability to add additional units to maximise your security needs.  Reasons to buy:  slim and stylish with 8gb built in storage with easy fitting and no wires.

2. Toucan Security outdoor Cam

Toucan wireless security cam with Colour 1080p Hd vison with real time access via the smart app and waterproof. No monthly fees with the toucan security cam with two way audio so hear and speak to any intruders or visitors. 

Specifications :

Video Resolution: 1080p Hd with night vision

Field of view: 131 degrees

Works with: Alexa, Google nest

Wired/Battery: no/yes all wireless and with up to 3 months battery life

Size:  7.8 x 3.8 x 6.6cm

Additional fees:  No fees or SD card as it will allow access to 24hrs recording via the app

The toucan outdoor cam with a innovative magnetic mount works added 100db siren. Wireless and with a rechargeable battery which will last between 1-3 months before recharging. no monthly fees as it will hold up to 24hrs recording. Reasons to buy: Customization motion detection zones can be added so if you only want to cover one area which can help filter out unnecessary notifications. 

3. Ring Security outdoor Cam

Ring wireless security cam lets you chat with people in crystal clear hd with LED strip lights and siren. Quick release battery like the video doorbell for quick charging it also has theft protection if it stolen it will be replaced by ring for FREE. 

Specifications :

Video Resolution: 1080p Hd video 

Field of view: 180 degrees

Works with: Alexa, 

Wired/Battery: no/yes wireless with up to 3 months battery life with easy to charge release for charging

Size:  7 x 4.5 x 2.25cm 

Additional fees: monthly fees may apply to a ring protect plan but free notifications and live feeds 

The Ring outdoor cam is compatible with all other ring products and existing ring app and any ring protect plans with a 30 day free trial as standard with Live feeds and two way talk being free. Reasons to buy:  Included is led light strips and build in 80db siren and with Ring theft protection “we will replace if Stolen” 

4. Blink Security outdoor Cam

Blink wireless security cam lets you chat with people in crystal clear HD with with a blue light to notify on and a red to notify when recording. With Blink you can either pay the monthly fee ( refer to blink for prices ) or additionally store up 10 hours there sync module 2 which maybe sold separately with multiple camer bundles availible.

Specifications :

Video Resolution: 1080p HD video with night vision

Field of view: 180 degrees

Works with: Alexa, 

Wired/Battery: no/yes wireless and with 2 year battery life

Size:  7.1 x 7.1 x 3.1cm 

Additional fees: monthly fee may apply but with free live recording and notifications and with the ability to record with a USB slot.

The Blink outdoor  cam with up to 2 years battery life. with customized zones and motion detections alert’s direct to your mobile. Record hours with a USB slot this is sold separately. Reasons to buy: Customization motion detection zones  which can help filter out unnecessary notifications and with two talk. Read our Blink Outdoor Camera review

5. G-Homa Security outdoor Cam

G-Homa outdoor wireless security cam with added siren and with recognition sensor able to detect cars and pets stopping unnecessary triggering. Stylish and small hi tech outdoor security cam with 2 way chat and AI motion detection. 

Specifications :

Video Resolution: 1080p

Field of view: 110 degrees

Works with: Alexa, 

Wired/Battery: no/yes with wireless and up to 12 month battery

Size:  10.1 x 5.08 x 5.08cm 

Additional fees:  No fees storage with free rolling cloud storage for video 

The budget outdoor cam on the market but don’t let that put you off with get features and a good viewing range with HD up to 33 ft away. Reasons to buy: With smart AI it can detect between a Person / Pet or vehicle and with remote activation you can activate if an alert  

6. IeGeek Security Outdoor Cam

IeGeek outdoor wireless security cam with batteries made from the same tesla batterie technology with two chat and Ai vision stopping unnecessary triggering. Adjustable Ai sensitivity to prevent false triggering with 24/7 recording it only records when triggered and two layers of water proofing 

Specifications :

Video Resolution: 1080p Hd with extended night vision up to 49ft

Field of view: 130 degrees

Works with: Alexa, 

Wired/Battery: no/yes wireless with 3-6 month battery life

Size:  5.5 x 5.5 x 10.5cm

Additional fees:  No fees storage card required 8gb or 16gb

Iegeek wireless out door cam with IP65 waterproof rating with two layers of waterproof protection compatible. Using Sony sensor Reasons to buy: The Battery is made from the tesla technology with Pir motion detection and can monitor up to 49ft away with night vison . 

Simple Installation tips..

Tips to placing your outdoor security camera

The diagram shows the basic deployment idea to cover your house or a simple area making sure you leave no spot uncovered and always make sure no trees or building covers the area you want to secure. As we only look at self install we recommend battery operated for easy installation. Check out our video doorbells

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