Top 5 Reasons for Having Home Security

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We look at some great reasons to why you should invest in some form of home security if its just a Video doorbell or your planning to invest in a full house Alarm System and or an Outdoor security Camera these reason will make you want too and sooner the better.


The main reason would be obvious as its a great deterrent to stop the criminal from thinking about breaking in or simply stealing a doorstep parcel. Some Smart Home Security bundles offering an outdoor box fixed to the wall with flashing lights and a siren these can be  a great deterrent on its own but make sure its placed in very visible area and not hidden also linking this with outdoor security camera’s covering entry points to the garden and added to this a video doorbell all this can be catching and recording who is approaching the house or the door.

Insurance Cost

Simple but effective. How many times have we read the insurance quote or been filling the online form in and the question “what type of security or door locks do you have” and its a normal tick in the standard  box but saying an Outdoor security cameraTicking that box and adding a yes we have a home security product will bring that premium down not by a huge amount but at least something in short or long term.
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Remote Monitoring

All manufacture’s offering mobile apps to access the security products being alerted to maybe someone approaching the door via the Video Doorbells  or with a Smart home security bundle checking over any internal motion and sending Instant alerts via your mobile you have control to answer or alert the authorities and with most manufacture’s offering 24/7 like Eufy Home Security who will alert the authorities for you.


Using Outdoor Camera’s to keep an eye on the garden when they play is that added assurance that all parents crave and with instant video what could be easier. Who could ask for a cheap and effective sitter while you cook dinner the kids are never out of sight. 

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Piece of Mind

That piece of mind maybe when on holiday or at work the knowing your property is monitored and secured by a Smart Alarm  or a video doorbell  or outside camera  that little comfort knowing that you receive no alerts meaning all is safe. A few manufactures charge a fee to have access to a cloud storage system for any recordings and some will supply a base station with built in storage meaning you have access at anytime to recordings at anytime with all offering live access free so maybe leaving pets for example at home alone being able to look into them at anytime is great relief or if your waiting for that delivery with a video doorbell for example you wont have to miss them.

Instant Emergency services

If Your out and alerted to some issues or something has set of your home security. Within the alert you have access to call the emergency services direct from the app saving time also with some home security products you may pay a monthly fee for 24/7 monitoring which again will alert the emergency services directly saving time and hopefully stop anyone wannabe criminal in there tracks.

Quick Look Back at the reasons for investing in Home Security

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