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SimpliSafe has been protecting homes for over a decade. Our system is easy to use, and we offer professional monitoring to provide you with the peace of mind you need when it comes to home security.

DIY home security with professional-quality 24/7 protection

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A DIY home security system that you can install yourself. It’s easy to use and requires no professional installation or maintenance, but it still offers the same professional-quality protection as traditional systems like ADT and Vivint.

Unlike most other do-it-yourself home security systems, SimpliSafe doesn’t require an annual contract or any setup fees — just one upfront payment for everything you need to protect your home. 

And even though it’s such a great deal, we still cover all the bases: The starter kit comes with an alarm panel (which can be mounted inside or outside your house), entry sensors for doors and windows, motion sensors for rooms that are less secure than others (like stairways or garages), remote access via smartphone app so you can keep an eye on things when away from home, battery backup in case of power outage during emergencies. 

Plus all the other bells and whistles we think belong on every security system: medical alert monitoring services; 24/7 response teams who will send help if there’s ever an intruder in your house; light switches that turn lights on/off automatically based on whether someone is at home; water leak detectors that alert users when pipes burst so they can call their insurance company before damage becomes too severe; carbon monoxide detectors installed throughout residences where gas appliances may be used regularly (for example: kitchens); smoke detectors installed near bedrooms because these are usually where people spend most time sleeping per day

Wireless entry sensors, motion sensors, sirens, and surveillance cameras

Core Station and other new hardware have been designed to be more reliable than ever. If there is an issue with your system, the brand-new hardware will notify you and help fix it remotely. That way, you don’t have to worry about being without security or having to deal with lengthy phone calls and emails from customer support representatives.

Additionally, a series of new features make the system even easier to use than before. For example:

  • SimpliCam – This wireless camera gives you a live view of your home at all times so that you know exactly what’s going on (even when nobody is home). It has been redesigned for even better image quality than before so that you can see every detail in its HD stream.

  • Key Fob entry and Lock, use a simple device held on your keyring to Open and lock your security system ( not available on all bundles but can be added separately )

Optional 24/7 professional monitoring with police, fire & medical dispatch starting at 50 cents a day (sold separately)

The system also works with a subscription service that provides 24/7 live monitoring, as well as emergency dispatch services from the police, fire department, and EMS. It’s available for $10 per month or $100 per year and up.

The monthly plan offers:

  • Unlimited use of SimpliSafe features and functions

  • Police response to alarm events (in areas where SimpliSafe is available)

  • Fire department response to alarm events (in areas where SimpliSafe is available)

Specifications and size

simpli safe 2


Bundle Sizes: 13 piece / 10 piece , 7 piece and 5 piece

Field of few: 170degrees horizontal and 84 degrees vertical

Works with: Alexa , google assistance

Wired/Battery: Yes/Yes

Size:‎30.5 x 27.6 x 17.6 cm

Starting fees for Storage: OPTIONAL MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION: Complete your home alarm system with professional 24/7 monitoring check Simplisafe for pricing

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No contracts or cancellation fees. No commitment.

No contracts, which means there’s no fee to cancel or commit to our services. If you’re ready to try SimpliSafe and decide it isn’t right for you, just contact us at any time and we’ll send someone over to take your equipment back.

Finally Protection Made Simple

Home Security System is a DIY home security system that lets you customize your security experience. The system is easy to set up and use, and it’s backed by 24/7 professional monitoring with police, fire & medical dispatch. You can add free upgrades like video surveillance or smart home integration to make SimpliSafe the perfect fit for your needs.


SimpliSafe is the easiest way to get the home security system you need. It’s wireless, simple to set up and use, and has professional-grade protection—all at a price that won’t break your budget. The best part is that there are no contracts or cancellation fees—we’re confident in our product so we want you to be able to try it risk free!

What's in the Box 5 peice 7 Piece 10 Piece 13 piece Outdoor Cam Pack
Base Station
Entry Sensor
Motion Sensor
Glass Break sensor
Panic Button
Key Fob
Check Prices

What's in the box


Base Station, Keypad, 1080p SimpliCam, Entry Sensor & Motion Sensor ( 5 piece kit shown )

Additional Addons

Entry Sensor – Window and Door Protection – Compatible with SimpliSafe Home Security System

Motion Sensor – PIR Motion Detector with 45ft. Range – Infrared Heat Signature Technology – Compatible with SimpliSafe Home Security System

Wireless 105Db Auxiliary Siren – Compatible with Home Security System

Security Camera Indoor -1080p HD CCTV Camera for SimpliSafe Security System –features Two Way Audio, Motion Detection & Night Vision

Security Camera Outdoor– Wireless Camera for SimpliSafe Home Security Systems Only – 2 Way Audio, Spotlight, Motion Detection and Colour Night Vision

Panic Button – Built-in Silent Panic Feature – Compatible with SimpliSafe Home Security System

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This post contains affiliate links. If you use these links to buy something we may earn a commission. Thank you.”

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