Top Smart home trends

Top Smart home trends for 2022

Top Smart home trends for 2022

Since the phrase “Smart home was Coined” over 13 billion devices in the world are now connected in some form of another if that’s just your Smart phone or connected fridge all we can expect to see is the number rise over the coming years. But what Smart Home Trends to look out for and expect in the coming years.

Energy Efficiency

With the coming years efficiency of the energy used to run our smart home will become the by words. Optimising the energy our smart devices use that maybe the brightness of the TV when you’re not in room and the removal of forgetfulness with lights on timers such as Hive Smart home Offers. Sockets with timers and smart lightbulbs being controlled from a central hub and smart phone or set on an automation or even the use of sensors such as in business settings where lights and devices sense no movement and turn off, we see that with modern TVs with standby modes.

More Sensors

Sensors are becoming more a part of our daily lives with the modern video doorbell sensing a visitor and automatically notifying you via smart phone or through an Alexa or Google video hub. We can expect to see this technology to become more apparent and visible I the home with TV remotes or lights using the sensor to determine if the room is empty and turn all the technology currently in use going into stand by. This would be the opposite to the smart home alarm sensors that notify if you have movement but would work on the same principle.

Ring Motion Sensors accessories

The Robots Take over

The rise of the machines. We already see the machines in our daily lives such as the robotic vacuums and robotic lawnmowers now not being autonomous but pre-programmed this will become in time replaced by the AI (artificial intelligence) of machines able to determine if a spillage has occurred and automatically clean or if the grass becomes a certain height and cut without any interaction from the owner. We also see the start of the coffee machine becoming integrated to into the smart home we may see a sensor that thinks if you need a coffee but that is maybe still way of. But we are at the cusp of the technology in our homes to make our lives easier watch this space.

Security in the home

The Smart home security has been the driver for the technology such as sensors and connectivity. Many manufactures like Ring Home security have a fully intergraded network of sensors and widow/ door locks that detect if opened with this all linked by Wi-Fi and military grade encryption to the Ring Hub with notifications given to your Smart phone.

User Customisation

The majority of the Smart home devises have full customisation allowing you at the moment to determine the path for the robotic vacuums for example or with video cameras on doorbells and security cameras you can customise the areas so that these cameras cover the area wanted while stopping unnecessary notifications and also with the AI technology you can also determine if the intruder is an animal or human this is the technology which we expect with the next generation video doorbells and Outdoor security cameras to become automated which we expect then to fall into other smart kit such as TV’s

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