The Best Smart light bulbs

The Best Smart Light bulbs in 2022

The Best Smart Lightbulbs in 2022

We all need lights in our house from the simple reading light to kitchen dinning table and what do we use the humble lightbulb. They now have had the makeover to make them connected to the smart home take a look at the The Best Smart lightBulbs in 2022

What are Smart light bulbs..

With them all connecting through Alexa or Nest your hub. We see the lightbulb integrated with a simple voice command to turn on or off or even turn down or change colour. Some smart bulbs being great for young children’s rooms by being able to be used as night lights with a soft or pale light to others being great mood lighting. The ideas can be many than just a simple bulb. Coming home late and turning lights on remotely or on holiday turning some lights on or off for that added security all at the touch of a button from a smart phone or tablet or at a voice command from Alexa or Nest to your security bundle….

Jargon buster

When we look at some of of the terminology when buying the right Smart bulb what to look for take the term LED or Light emitting Diode this provides 90% more efficiency than an incandescent light bulb. Lumens what are they simply put they are the brightness so the  brighter the better we should say but remember the brighter the lumens generally they will not last as long but these types are good for security garages or porches.

Make Picture Type Lumens Watts Colours Lifespan Check Prices
ExtraStar B22 WiFi Smart Bulb
Winees Alexa Light Bulbs Dimmable Smart Bulb
E27 Smart Bulb, Edison Screw WiFi Alexa Light Bulbs
ENSHINE E27 Smart Bulb, WiFi Light Bulbs
Philips Hue NEW White Smart Light Bulb

Does cost matter

Not really light bulbs and smart bulbs generally are the same and manufactured in the same way more than likely you will pay for the name more than the technology . The bulb its self will be like a normal bulb .. WATTS and low usage as there led should last for years ( dependent on usage ). Where to put smart bulbs .. do we need one in very room not necessarily like bathrooms and bedrooms maybe not but the main areas of the house front rooms kitchens and hall areas. If you only buy one where to put it well I would say the best place would be the entry point at the front door easy to turn on prior to arriving home. a porch or front light ( be aware you would need an outdoor bulb ) .
The Best Smart Light bulbs in 2022
The Best Smart light bulbs for 2022

How do the Best Smart Lightbulbs work

Just remember that some Best Smart lightbulbs will work via a smart phone and others will work through your homes Wi-Fi with some working through Bluetooth which can limit your range slightly.

With WiFi your bulbs can be connected to Alexa or Nest and work remotely via apps on your smart phone/Tablet allowing the security aspects to be realised.

Lumans and watts

To compare LED bulbs with other types of light bulbs look at the packaging. You’ll see the number of lumens produced as well as the wattage of the bulb. Compare the lumen numbers to see if the lightbulbs will give off a similar amount of light, then look at the wattage requirements to see how much energy each bulb will use. Using these two numbers you can easily identify how bright a light will be and how much energy it will consume.
smart home security

Great deals on some Best Smart lightbulbs..

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